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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy an antique quilt?

Antique quilts truly are pieces of art.  Preserve a piece of history and enjoy a lost art.  If you consider the fact that most antique quilts were sewn by hand, at today's labor rates.....priceless!

Why buy a quilt from The Antique Quilt Source?

We personally hand select our inventory for quality of the fabric, quilting, and graphic design.  Our history and reputation stand for themselves.  There are many antique quilts for sale on the internet auction sites with no standardization of terms to describe the quilts.  We have seen many that have been described as "good condition" or "excellent condition", that would not meet our standards.  As the quality of antique quilts varies significantly, it is important that you deal with a reputable dealer. Only by seeing the quilts personally can you be certain of the quality and know they meet your expectations.  The Antique Quilt Source offers a hassle free return policy.

What should I look for in an antique quilt?

In one word....Quality.  Buy the best you can afford, and buy what you love. Some buyers look for unique and appealing graphic designs or specific colors.  Others like fine quilting or complex, detailed patterns.  Still others choose quilts that are rare or have historical value.  Age spots and imperfections, that are occasionally on antique quilts, add character and rarely hinder the collector from purchasing our one-of-a-kind quilts. Decide what is important to you and then buy what appeals to you.

Is an antique quilt a good investment? 

As with all antiques, value fluctuates with supply and demand. Most individuals buy antique quilts because they like the art of the quilt, but know that properly cared for, they will have value in future years.  Quilts frequently have a sentimental value and remind us of our history as a nation and as a people.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept Money Orders and Personal Checks.  Personal checks must be processed by the bank before quilts are shipped. Wire transfers are required for all international purchases.

How soon will I receive my order?

In most cases, quilts are shipped the next business day following confirmation of the order.  If paying by check, the quilts will be shipped after the bank has processed your check.

Do you sell new quilts?

We have a limited inventory of new quilts which we purchase at local fundraisers. These quilts are identified with "New Quilt" next to the quilt number. To view all of our new quilts at once, click on "By Date" located to the left of each page under Quilt Selection and choose "21st Century".

Where is your shop?

Our sales are limited to internet sales.  If you have a question about any specific quilt, please do not hesitate to call.

Do you take quilts on consignment?

We generally do not take consignment quilts.

Do you sell quilt patterns?

The Antique Quilt Source specializes in the sale of completed antique quilts and does not carry quilting supplies.

What is my quilt worth?

The Antique Quilt Source does not offer an appraisal service.  Please refer to and click on Quilt World for a list of certified appraisers.

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